Innovation Games Frameworks

If you’re looking to spark new ideas, get better insight from customers, and just generally
innovate better, one of the most useful (and fun) ways to do so are innovation games.

Created by Luke Hohmann several years ago, innovation games are frameworks and
collaborative games used to generate better ideas and co-collaborative processes with both
customers and internal design teams.

So why are innovation games so great, and why do they work so well? For starters, they
move beyond simple questioning and into more multidimensional modes of communication.
They can include more kinesthetic aspects (such as putting things on a wall of moving them
around), a more visual bent (drawing or sketching), and many other types of communicating.
Instead of just focusing on one kind of communication (like a conversation, which is what we
typically do when engaging with customers) this creates a more multifaceted kind of
communication. They’re tapping into different parts of their brains and getting at things they
might not have had we just sat them down for a chat.

One of the other reasons communication games are so successful is that they break down
communication barriers. By framing the exercise as a game, you’re creating an environment
where people can provide more honest and useful feedback. Because they’re wrapped up in
the game, some social norms (such as discomfort stemming from honest feedback) become
less oppressive.

We’ll go over some of our favorite games in the near future. In the meantime, give innovation
games a Google and check them out for yourself. They’re a great way to get richer and more
multifaceted customer feedback than you would by simply having a one-on-one conversation.

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