Selected clips from Paul Jarrett’s “Win, Win, Win: How Bulu Box Pivoted to Embrace Partnership”

Paul Jarrett is a co-founder of Bulu Box. The Bulu Box team has delivered over 8 million healthy discoveries to customers across the US.

In his talk, Paul shares how a new company philosophy enabled his team to eliminate distractions from the true Bulu Box mission, embrace dynamic partnerships and embark on a truly banner year for Bulu Box, including being named Silicon Prairie’s Startup of the Year.

We cut some clips from his presentation below, but you can find the full Summit recording on Vimeo here.

Don’t commit to a partnership anything unless it’s a win-win-win. All new companies are inclined to want to work with enterprise customers, but a corporate partnership doesn’t always make sense. Paul suggests you consider the deal from every angle. If it doesn’t feel right, say no. If you can’t say no, learn to.

Blue Apron spent $66 million on podcast advertising last year. Are Midwest investors willing to foot that bill for your startup? If not, it probably makes sense to partner. Paul expands on his idea for a “Midwest Model” — one where startups leverage a thriving local ecosystem of corporations for growth.

You have a choice on the story you’re telling yourself every day. What are you programming yourself to believe? What’s your mentality? Choose to thrive.

Watch his full presentation and more videos from the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit on Vimeo.

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