Innovation is a Team Sport

Build your innovation arsenal with Econic’s experienced, talented, and results-oriented team.

At Econic, we eat innovation for breakfast (It’s pretty tasty). We’re obsessed with helping people and organizations build the capabilities to adapt, evolve and compete in today’s rapidly changing market.

Econic began as a response to our experience accelerating, investing and building new technology startups. Combined with years of consulting and working with Fortune 500 corporations, our team specializes in helping bridge the innovation divide between optimization and transformation.

Our Network

Econic brings a unique background to the world of corporate innovation. For decades, our team has built and refined a large network of innovation programs, startups, resources, data sources and talent from innovation ecosystems around the world.

This extensive network and Econic’s experience working in both corporate and startup environments combine to provide unique, compelling approaches to how your organization can become more agile, adaptable and fearless in the face of new business models, technologies and an ever-changing marketplace.


At Econic, we are a team of clever, radical minds who are passionate about partnering with businesses to share our vision of innovation in an ever-changing world.

Co-Founder & CEO

Josh Berry

Innovation Consultant

Jon Kohrs

Innovation Consultant

Chris Fox

Innovation Consultant

Allison Dahl

Entrepreneur in Residence

Colin Robertson

Director of Operations

Tiffany Dunagan

Marketing Intern

Sam Gifford

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