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A Look Into Innovation Games

Innovation Games Frameworks If you’re looking to spark new ideas, get better insight from customers, and just generally innovate better, one of the most useful (and fun) ways to do so are innovation games. Created by Luke...

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Corporate Innovation – How To Overcome Unique Challenges

The biggest challenges in corporate innovation and how to navigate them Corporate innovation is hard. There are loads of challenges and pitfalls when trying to explore new opportunities inside of an existing organization. More and more, we’re seeing innovation...

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Innovation Metrics

What should you be measuring? One of the most important topics regarding innovation metrics is what, exactly, you should be measuring to get the most out of your innovation efforts. When we talk to...

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Adaptable Leaders

What do adaptable leaders focus on? Recently while speaking to an executive from an insurance company, we discussed the need to create more adaptability among their executive team. We started talking about the patterns we see across all of our clients and how the most...

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Innovation Thesis

Choosing where to direct your innovation, and what you hope to accomplish, is one of the most vital parts of your innovation strategy. When thinking about how you’re executing on innovation, how you’re managing innovation, and overall thinking strategically about...

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Innovation Pep Talk

There is nothing wrong with changing things up a bit. Today we’re going to focus on something a little different. Instead of sharing tips or thoughts on an innovation topic, we’re going to provide a pep talk for those of you in the corporate innovation space who might...

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Measuring Innovation

Measuring innovation can be a challenge One of the more important topics when it comes to running an innovation lab is deciding how, exactly, to measure innovation. How specific do you want to get with the metrics you’re choosing, and how can you find the right mix...

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Golden Circle

Innovation - Golden Circle In the video below we take a moment to dive into Simon Sinek's work centered around innovation and the golden circle. Simon Sinek's work inspires a portion of what we do with both our own company and our clients at Econic. [arve...

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Corporate Innovation Metrics

In this video, Nicole Shephard from the Econic team discusses Corporate Innovation Metrics including how to avoid vanity metrics, figuring out which behaviors you want to drive, and implementing ongoing...

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A Recipe for Healthy Startup + Corporate Partnerships

Selected clips from Paul Jarrett’s “Win, Win, Win: How Bulu Box Pivoted to Embrace Partnership” Paul Jarrett is a co-founder of Bulu Box. The Bulu Box team has delivered over 8 million healthy discoveries to customers across the US. In his talk, Paul shares how a new...

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Growing the Giant Hairball

Bionic Solution’s SVP Janice Fraser on Managing Entrepreneurship in the Enterprise Janice Fraser is a recognized expert on emerging management practices to support innovation at scale. She has coached many organizations including the White House, Navy Seals Training...

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The X’s and O’s of Intrapraneurship

Dr. Simone Ahuja on supporting your intrapraneurs Dr. Simone Ahuja is the founder of Blood Orange, an innovation and strategy advisory firm. Headquartered in Minneapolis with global teams, Blood Orange has developed a fast and frugal innovation methodology that helps...

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