Corporate Accelerator

Figuring out the right thing to build is tough.

It’s not just about finding a problem worth solving, though that’s a great start. Running a corporate accelerator is about really digging in to understand that problem, ensuring there are enough people who want a solution, figuring out how they solve it today, and designing a solution that works, not only for your customers but for your partners and your business as well.

Our corporate accelerator programs help clients navigate this journey, from idea generation through validation and product development.

During one of our six or twelve-week accelerator programs, you’ll bring leaders from the business line into the innovation department to explore and progress an idea at warp speed.

You’ll not only learn leading tools and methodologies for innovation (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Design Thinking) but you’ll also put them to work on a real business idea, moving your company at startup speed while you tackle the riskiest parts of the idea and uncover a path to success.

And you won’t do it alone. Econic provides program design, ongoing coaching, tool development, and learning trackers to ensure your organization gets the best results from its corporate accelerator.

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