Allowing for innovation

Covered in Culture

  • What are the elements of an innovative company culture?
  • How do you encourage employees to innovate?
  • How can company leadership allow for innovation?


Free Your Innovation Culture - Strategy + Business, Article

“Establish a network of innovation mentors. First, pair individuals from different parts of the organization to serve as one another’s go-to-person for idea generation, advice, and resources. These should be managers who understand both your vision and the company’s overall goals. Then ask these individuals to track innovation activities across departments, and connect and support other people with capabilities that align with project needs.”

Corporate Innovation Management - A Methodology Discussion - Sramana Mitra, LinkedIn Article

“Let me explain to you how we have evolved that and how that program runs. Two to three times a year, we run a contest; we call it the Oracle One Million by One Million Challenge. We invite people to participate in this challenge with their innovation agenda. So all the employees, of whatever division or group, are encouraged to start attending our free roundtables—these Thursday-morning roundtables.”

Inside Google's Innovation Culture - SBS Seoul Digital Forum, Video

“Join (Google Head of Innovation) Dr. Pferdt to discover how Google builds an environment to explore the boundaries of what’s possible, where being curious and childlike is encouraged and innovation is not ordained or enforced, but allowed.”

Creating An Everyone Culture with Bob Kegan - iTunes, Collective Campus Podcast

Bob Kegan is a psychologist who teaches, researches, writes, and consults about professional development. This episode is about transitioning away from playing politics and towards a safe and demanding culture.

Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce -Forbes, Report

“At cosmetics giant L’Oréal USA, the importance of diversity and inclusion is expressed by its formula for diversity management: DIVERSITY + INCLUSION = INNOVATION & SUCCESS®. This formula permeates many functions of the company from recruitment to sales to community outreach.”

Celebrating Failure Fuels Moonshots - Astro Teller, Google X, Stanford eCorner Video

“Astro Teller, director of Alphabet’s moonshot factory, X, describes how smart bets on world-changing innovations are aided by a culture that celebrates only the most audacious projects and rewards teams for showing the courage to find the biggest flaws. He also discusses how innovation can be systematized regardless of business type, resources or role at your company.”


Cultivating Collaboration: Don't Be So Defensive! - TED Talk, Video

“When we get defensive our thinking becomes rigid, our IQ drops about 20 points and we simply become stupid. What you end up is a group of people who cannot solve a problem. The technical term for that, by the way, is litigation.”

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