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Why Businesses Back Innovation Centers - TechCrunch, Article

“The study, which looked at 200 of the largest companies by revenue, across multiple sectors, found that 38% have already set up Innovation Centers. These digital innovation centers consist of teams of people and often physical sites that are set up by organizations in a global tech hub, with the goal of leveraging the ecosystem of startups, venture capitalists, accelerators, vendors, and academic institutions that these hubs provide.”

Tapping Into Silicon Valley's Culture of Innovation - Deloitte University Press, Article

“A few other innovation hubs are emerging that share a number of characteristics with Silicon Valley that make them a fertile ground for innovation: New York (for financial technology), Tel Aviv (for security), and Austin (for digital health), along with other locations such as Boston, Paris, London, and Berlin. All of these hubs are characterized by a multitude of start-ups supported by leading academic and research institutions, easy access to venture funds and accelerators, ready availability of talent, and an open, collaborative ecosystem that enables innovation.”

Leveraging Silicon Valley - From Wherever You Are - HBR, Article

“How might it identify the big ideas that are important and bring them into your legacy organization? My friend Mark Zawacki, founder of 650 Labs, which advises companies on leveraging Silicon Valley, has identified three approaches: idea scouting, venture investing, and traditional product research and development. These approaches show how companies are going beyond simply establishing an outpost in Silicon Valley to creating, instituting and sustaining different “operating models.”

How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The 6 Decisions to Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost - Steve Blank, Article

This is the third in the series mentioned above. We included it for those who haven’t visited Steve’s site yet. Steve co-authored the series with Evangelos and publishes his own blog that is also worth following.

How Corporations Can Do Innovation - YouTube Panel, 1+ hour

For those looking away from Netflix tonight, this is “a fireside chat on ‘The Future of Disruptive Innovation’ with the two authors mentioned above, Steve and Evangelos.

Innovation Outposts and the Evolution of Corporate R&D - Evangelos Simoudis, Articles

In this 4-part series of articles, Evangelos breaks down the state of Innovation Outposts in and beyond the Valley. The articles are brief and packed with citations, offering the best overview of Innovation Outposts you’ll find online for free.


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