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Lean Startup is a methodology for developing businesses and products, which aims to shorten product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.

Econic’s Lean Startup Consulting helps our corporate clients’ accelerate adoption of Lean Startup throughout their organization with customized tools, resources, and rockstar coaching.

Lean Startup Training Programs


Econic’s 3-day Bootcamp introduces you to Lean Startup methodology and kicks off our 6 or 12 week accelerator program by equipping you with the tools, templates, and relationships to help you succeed.

Workshop Outcomes

  • You’ll learn what Lean Startup is and why it matters
  • You’ll get comfortable using core tools and templates for successful lean startup implementation (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Deep Dive)
  • You will come together as a cohort— learning to support each other in a fast-paced, experimental environment
  • You’ll get (more) comfortable with ambiguity and working in the unknown; even more, you’ll learn practical ways to de-risk your business ideas and communicate your learnings

Lean Startup Manager Training

Introduce and equip your managers with fundamental Lean Startup principles so they can more easily relate to and support employees learning the Lean Startup methodology.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Learn what Lean Startup is and why it matters
  • Get comfortable using core tools and templates for successful innovation (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Deep Dive)
  • Learn about customer interviewing and other key techniques to understanding your customer

Internal Coach Training (Train-the-Trainer)

Level-up your internal employees’ abilities to become a Lean Startup expert and drive better and faster implementation of Lean Startup in your organization.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Scale Lean Startup in your organization through your own people by equipping them with the capabilities and tools to be a Lean Startup coach.
  • Accelerate adoptability of Lean Startup in your organization by empowering your people to become a Lean Startup coach and equip them with the tools, resources, coaching experiences and methodology to be a rockstar coach.
  • Deep-dive into Lean Startup methodology, sharing facilitation best practices, co-teaching real teams and guiding coaches through a variety of events including: accelerator programs, startup weekends, design sprints and ideation sessions.

Lean Startup Accelerator Programs

Econic’s accelerator program is a 6 or 12-week engagement in which we partner participants with an experienced coach to learn and apply Lean Startup methodology to rapidly move a new business idea forward. The program is also designed to prepare you as a steward of the tools, methods and mindsets, to encourage future adoption and application within your organization.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Applying Lean Startup methodology to de-risk new business ideas
  • Using the Business Model Canvas to design and assess new business models
  • Using the Value Proposition Canvas to design and assess new value propositions
  • Planning and conducting customer discovery interviews to effectively learn about customers to drive better decision-making
  • Designing and executing lean experiments to quickly learn and iterate

Experiment Workshops

Econic’s 2-day Experiment Workshop will expose you to the world of lean experiments and equip you with the thinking, processes and tools you’ll need to quickly design, run and synthesize experiments that will put your core business assumptions to the test.

Workshop Outcomes

  • You will learn how to identify your riskiest assumptions (the things that will crush your business idea if not true) and create well-designed experiments to de-risk those assumptions.
  • You will learn the most useful types of experiments to run, as well as the quality of data each experiment type returns.
  • You’ll design and launch your first lean experiment using new tools (Facebook Ads, Landing Page Builder, Visitor Recorder, and more).

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