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Your Innovative Engine

Econic will guide you and your team to create an innovation engine that powers a consistent ability for teams to generate, filter and execute on new ideas, products or service. This will create actionable, measurable and sustainable results. Econic’s innovation engine for growth and experimentation reduces the risks and accelerates progress.

Access the tools, techniques and training you need to present fresh ideas, become flexible in a changing world and transform into a fearless leader. Let Econic show you how.


Think, move and execute at the speed of change

New tools and tactics for innovators are thriving in corporate environments. The adoption of these programs is driven by companies who want to move fast, think big and change the status quo of transformation in large enterprises.

With Econic, people and companies learn to predict new trends, adapt to changing markets and respond with bold ideas. Econic’s proven consulting and coaching services combined with a comprehensive network of additional resources allow you to become more nimble and adaptable. The skills you develop with Econic will give you an edge, allowing you to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.


Our corporate accelerator programs help clients navigate this journey, from idea generation through validation and product development.

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Design Sprint

We help our clients take early-stage ideas to actionable product concepts that can be tested with customers to drive decision-making and set teams up for success.

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Developing Innovative Leaders

When we work with innovation leaders they often ask how their programs can make a bigger impact throughout the organization.

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Innovation In HR

Innovation is driven from within by teams that are empowered to build, measure, learn, and adjust accordingly.

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Innovation Labs

Are you considering building an innovation lab or have a lab and aren’t getting the intended results?

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Innovation Readiness Assessment

How ready is your organization for innovation? At Econic, we have developed a proprietary way to understand the current state of innovation at your company.

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Innovation Strategy Design

An organization’s ability to produce breakthrough ideas relies on the efficiency of its innovation engine.

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Lean Startup Consulting

At Econic we help our corporate clients’ accelerate adoption of Lean Startup throughout their organization with customized tools, resources, and rockstar coaching.

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Startup Weekend Consulting

The Startup Weekend experience is designed to gather innovators for three days to collaborate and develop new solutions for important issues.

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It’s in Your DNA

At Econic we first help companies understand the context of innovation inside and outside the organization. We help them map and align their vision and goals to their opportunities and capabilities.

We then work together to create an innovation engine that powers a consistent ability for teams to generate, filter and execute on new ideas/products/services to create actionable, measurable, and sustainable results. This engine for growth and experimentation de-risks innovation while accelerating growth.

Econic provides the tools, techniques, coaching, and confidence you need. Reach out and we’ll show you how.

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